Help with cabling


Hoping someone can help figure out a couple of things for me. I’ve bought the FlightAware antenna

The first is determining if my existing cable can be used. I bought it years ago for an LTE antenna that I put up. I believe that it’s rated at 50 ohms, but I can’t be certain as there are no markings. I know that’s limited info, but thought maybe the fact I was using it for LTE may be enough for someone to provide an answer.

Second, is what pigtail do I need for my RTL2838 USB dongle to attach it to the cable. The one I used to connect the cable to the MiFi is model PCCAB-727,



Image below shows the most commonly used arrangement. It shows Coax LMR400, but LMR240 and other types of coax can also be used successfully.

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Thanks for that. I did discover that the cable is RG-58 with the N-Male connector for the antenna connection. Still trying to figure out what I need on the other end though. After more digging I believe this is what I would need.

I’m not 100% though. Are you able to determine if that’s correct?


I tried it with 75 ohm but 50 ohm is better…


N-Male connector at antenna end is OK as it will fit Flightaware antenna.


The pigtail cable RG316 15cm / 6inch is OK.
The pigtail connectors depend on following:

  1. What connector you have on the other end of RG58? Is it FME female?

  2. What connector you have on the Dongle? Is it MCX-female?

    If you have generic DVB-T dongle, the connector on dongle is MCX-female, so the pigtail cable should have MCX-male

    If you have FA Pro Stick, the connector on dongle is SMA-female, so the pigtail cable should have SMA-male.


for the antenna I prefer to use the cable 10D-FB, or 8D-FB, is less loss of signal level. But because of the thickness will have to cut into n-type connectors and use an adapter n-type-sma.