Flightaware Antenna cable

I’m trying to replace the antenna coax that was included with my antenna when I purchased it. It’s 10ft of RG58. From my reading of various posts I see that it’s not an ideal cable. I was trying to find about a 20ft cable as I have my antenna in the attic (HOA rules) and I need to get the “electronics” out of the attic as I’m in Florida and it will cook up there or atleast get “noisy”.

I see that Flightaware shop has suitable lengths of coax in their store but there is no mention of the actual coax type. Coaxial Cable 5 Meterhttps://flightaware.store/products/coaxial-cable-5-meter

Does anyone know what it is or have purchased it?

I have been looking at LMR400 cables but getting them in the right length and with the right connectors is not easy on Amazon. I see some suitable KMR400 cables but reviews have been mixed both on Amazon and on this board about using KMR.

I tried just connecting the Flightaware Pro plus stick straight onto the antenna with an N to sma adapter and straight into the Pi but I lost half my range/planes. Probably interference from the Pi. Of course that doesn’t get the electronics out of the attic.

I believe this is the cable sold in the FA shop: https://abrind.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ABR240-24240.pdf