Weird flights


How come every so often there are weird flights that come in when it has never been a flight at that airport. Like today there was a flight from Montreal to Burlington on a crj flight. You can’t get tickets for these flights yet by to look of the history its not a charter any idea why these flights come in???


You can book tickets. Mesa is NW’s flagship airpline.


Like Shuttle America or Comair. Pretty much all the little ones like that fly into KDAY.


I mean you can’t book a ticket from Burlington to Montreal because it’s not a regular flight.


Why do you think that flight’s not a charter, nitro? Its 7### flight number is in the generic range of charter flight numbers. Its flight history doesn’t have the repetitive airport pairs that a scheduled flight would have. So why isn’t it a charter?


Your right I jumped to fast on it. My bad, long days and short nights and LOTS of presure will do that I guess. Homecoming this weekend so were under presure. Maybe I should go to bed early.