Weird flights


I came across these flight.

Why did this plane go out of Boeing when it looks like it is not a charter flight.

This flight looks like it is Routinly departing from Paine Field,and Paine Field does not have any commercial airlines based at it.

Does anyone have answers for these flights?
If so please post them.


These both look like delivery flights.

geophysical survey aircraft. … 1174834/M/


That’s one big dowsing rod!


Thank you!

Sort of weird flight.


The specific flight is … /KMCI/KEWR

When you are mentioning a specific flight, you should use the permanent link to that flight. It’s found by clicking on the flight in the history section. Copy the link from the address bar.

Why should you do this? Because if someone is reading this posting after the next flight has been activated, then the flight you are talking about will not be shown. The next scheduled flight for COA1456 leaves IAH 2118 CDT today (12 Jul). if it’s on time and I read your post at 2200 CDT then I would see a IAH-DFW flight and would wonder what was so weird about it.


I don’t blame them for staying out of Chicago. Have you seen the traffic on the Dan Ryan? Murder.


Some interesting routes from a NASA U2: … /KCEF/KCEF … /KCEF/KCEF … /KCEF/KCEF … /KEDW/KCEF … /KCEF/KCEF


NASA doing spy missions over Wisconsin :open_mouth:?


NASA doing spy missions over Wisconsin ?

Homeland Security lists an Oshkosh-area Holstein herd as a terrorist threat to a cheese factory in Monroe. :smiling_imp:


Do I go to W. Virginia or not?
Do I go to W. Virginia or not?
Do I go to W. Virginia or not?

Looks like he didn’t quite make it back to base!


I wonder if you can see stars at FL650 during the daytime…


Here are more flight I found. … /KMDW/KPAE … /KMDW/KPAE … /KSEA/KPAE … /KPAE/KPHX … /KPAE/KOAK … /KPAE/KPAE

These flew out of/into PAE. Any explanation?


8703, 8702, 8504: These are 737-300’s. Southwest is slowly retiring them from the fleet. They may be trading these in on more -700’s or they could be aircraft coming off of lease and being returned to the leasing company.

8509, 8506: Delivery flights of new aircraft

8750: Test flight

#16 … /KSFO/PHOG
Looks like a flight turning around.
Weird huh???
Any explanation???

#17 … /KONT/KPGA
Sort of weird route.


Might have been a repositioning flight, where they were going to one place, but got a call from dispatch while in the air, sending them to a different pick-up point…looks like it happened twice on the same flight! lol


Maybe the pilots used to work for Go!