Odd Delta Flights 9/1/08


Whats with all these Delta flight numbers that are 6xxx and have no aircraft type listed?

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL6 … /KCVG/KRDU

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL6 … /KCVG/KMHT

There are a bunch more for other airports, but when I click on them, Flightaware will link me to a CHQ or FRL flight with the same flight number, but different city pair.

I know for a fact that DAL does not fly into MHT with mainline aircraft any more, not sure about RDU.


I don’t know the problem, but KTYS has been getting them, for the past day or two.


I had trouble with DAL6337, FlightAware is still showing no arrival to DAY for yesterday’s flight even though I watched it land and deplaned passengers.

Delta just redid all their flights. We in DAY upgraded from two maddogs to 4 a day and we got some Delta Connection Pinnacle CRJs for the first time in a long time (we’ve had Northwest Airlink Pinnacle before).

By the way, I’m being shown that they are both CRJ-600.


I was wondering that too. Right now it is showing DAL6916 and DAL6337 under En Route/Scheduled to KDAY.


None of the Delta flights between CVG and DAY are working right now.


It looks like they’re filing as mainline, but operating as express.

flightaware.com/live/findflight/cvg/day shows plenty of traffic.


Are those flights for all the people from Cincinnti that drive to Dayton, then connect in CVG for 1/2 price of the CVG direct ticket? Just wondering :smiley: Honestly, I didn’t know Delta made that hop.


Bangor, Maine is also seeing these ‘phantom flights:’ 6618 from Boston; 6522 from Boston; 6692 from JFK. No aircraft indicated and no actual operation of the flights.


Yep, love looking at drivers licesces and seeing Cincinnati or a suburb of Cincinnati on there. Of course, we are one of the busiest airports IN OHIO!