Weird flight path.

It seems this hawker 800 does nothing but sightseeing trips.


I would say it’s probably maintenance or training flights.
According to the Canadian Aircraft Registry, it was imported into Canada not too long ago.


The registration suggests it might be one of those mile high club rental programs.


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Are you referring to CFKGN and intepreting something from that? B/C I did and I couldn’t get anything from the CAA website.

But dang that’s an expensive a/c to be using for the Mile High Club. I would bet it’s flight testing or being used as a test bed aircraft. Like Calspan’s LR24 going in and out of KIAG all the time.


VIH Execujet is probably part of VIH Aviation Group.

IT wouldn’t surprise me if the aircraft is being outfitted for air ambulance service.


It’s a recent acquisition, so I’d guess it was crew training or on a shake-down.

I don’t know what VIH intend to use it for, ambulance is a possibility or maybe just general charter work. It’s their first fixed-wing aircraft (VIH = Helicopters).


Read further into the site. I saw something that says they convert aircraft into amublances.



Yes they have completed a number of EMS choppers (they are a Bell dealer) and they do operate one of their own. A Hawker seems a bit big for an air ambulance though - Lears and Citations are more common - and if it was a 3rd-party conversion I don’t think they would be registered as the owner.

I’ve added it to my watch list, be interesting to see where it goes and maybe be able to deduce its mission.


I looked at the site again and decided it was probably *helicopter *air ambulances and not fixed wing aircraft.

Considering the wide-ranging operations VIH, it could also be that the 800 will be used as a corporate taxi.


A lot of socialist countries in Europe use Hawkers as air ambulances so it wouldn’t be surprising for Canada.


Were not all socialist here! :slight_smile:

Probable but not likely for the Hawker. Air Ambulance is provincial matter and most stick to King / Queen Air or similar for service of remote communities and rotary aircraft for regional duties in more populated areas for health care. B.C especially doesn’t have a lot of extra money for expenditures on big aircraft, event if on a charter basis. Alberta maybe. I have been looking and haven’t found an answer yet, but I like the Air Taxi idea. It is a growing business in Canada and would make sense if it were to serve clients going to the Asian market.


Canada is a bilingual country. Maybe there’s a hint here: VIH is the French acronym for HIV :open_mouth:


Latest activity doesn’t look much like a medevac flight.

Houma La., wonder if there is any helicopter-relayed business there ? :wink:


Home of PHI (Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.) the primary carrier for getting folks on and off the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.


Maybe I can clear a few things up:

  1. not a medevac aircraft
  2. not a mile high club aircraft
  3. is a corporate charter aircraft
  4. is owned by the VIH Aviation Group
  5. VIH Cougar Helicopters (also owned by the VIH Aviation Group) are operating helicopters in LA.


What is this? 20 Questions! :wink:


Would add to that #6 as: :wink: