Weird flight patterns

Anyone know what this aircraft might me doing??..
Layin down some Chemtrails??? Lol :wink:
I first thought this was a flight school with a student doing training, but this airplane is doing this just above my city and destination is our city airport…I know all the names of the 4 different flight schools we have here and also of the ones in the region…But the name of this aircrafts registration is not one of them… So anyone know what this aircraft is doin?..Just practicing?..Or what…Cause -I- never did any patterns like that during my flight training, but who knows…maybe that was just my particular school…

I doubt your flight schools used King Airs too.

Here a link to the a/c operator

I’m guessing survey work of some sort.

BTW those look like turns-on-a-point. I did those in my commerical training.

Dynamic Aviation operates a flock of King Airs, civilian and ex-military; for a variety of businesses and agencies. They provide platforms for research, survey, photo as well as special mission & mission support.

Probably photographing whatever’s at the center of those repeated circles. Which I could ID if there were a flight track…

Looks like the summit of the mountain range southeast of Monterey. That’s US-101 that the flight path generally follows and maks a few loose oblong passes over. There’s not much going on up in those mountains outside of the wine business - a few homes and Jeep trails, it looks like. Basically N 3602’, W 12107’.

My Guess is California Condor survey/study for CA Fish and Game.

Looks like it’s near KKIC…Didn’t know they had condors that way


You know what you have to do, then. You must investigate personally, and report your findings!

Well for what it’s worth, up here in Canada NavCanada uses two Challenger CL-601s and a Dash-8 to calibrate navaids and approaches. Here’s what it looks like when they calibrate VOR’s. … /CYVR/CYYC

They fly as NVC1, NVC2 and NVC3.

Wow, those are some NICE DME arcs! The only way my track would look like that was if I was asleep in the back and someone else was flying the plane.

The tighter circle to the west of 101 is over Camp Robert’s
which is military airspace. Basically everything from PRB north and west of 101 to the ocean is Military. It is not always hot though… Inside the area are two lakes, Nacimiento and San Antonio… Could be taking pics of anything in there…
?? A few small farm towns along 101? KIC is about where the other circle is…
Hard to tell with no other landmarks between PRB and salinas

What are the chances they were doing some photography for the cropdusters to analyze? I know there are quite a few fields thru there, as I’ve picked up many produce loads up the 101…

One one of its flights it did this: … /KBFI/KBFI

It is currently flying with a GENx engine

Wow…those tracks that the 747 out of Boeing Field (KBFI) made are CrAzZzYy!! :slight_smile: lol…Also the ‘NavCan’ one calibrating the VORs also…Keep the weird track links comin guys!! :smiley: But yeah…the reason why the track i listed in this post interested me SOmuch is that i KNOW that area that they did those circles over like “the back of my hand” :slight_smile: …And it aint nothin but a mountainous, rural, rugged, sparse, military operating area…So thats why it kind of interested me and threw a red flag up when i came upon it…But yea, i SUPPOSE they are doing some sort of aerial photography or surveying of the military area(s) (Fort Hunter Liggett & Camp Roberts)…But you would figure that the Air Force would do it instead of paying someone else for aircraft time wouldn’t you?..But checking out the Condors is also a valid idea cause that is a known highly concentrated California Condor nesting area, it even shows it on the sectional…so…yea…who knows…But thanks for all your answers and the cool flight track links…if you got anymore interesting tracks you’ve found on here, please slap the link down…Welp, Have a good Easter everyone!..Peace out…

Though not too crazy, a good one to follow. … /CYHU/CYHU

Pratt & Whitney Canada 707-200 engine test bed.

No vanity tracks, like Cessna or Gulfstream, but we’re pretty good with the Etch-A-Sketch thing also. … /KLIT/KLIT

Picasso? :smiley:

LOL :laughing:

Lol…Almost looks like it huh?!.. :slight_smile: