Weird FA page stats behavior


I upgraded my RP1 to a Orange pi one and got a new site number, I’m getting this weird stats behavior that I don’t understand. Site #39639 … tats-39639

It will show nothing received for a couple of hours, but then they fill in later. It also moves to highlight the next day, yet will still add some to the current day. If I check the log on the stats page it never shows a time gap between updates that looks strange.

As in this screen cap

I never experienced this with my old site #23286

Any ideas?

one hour holes in hourly graphs

This generally means that the stats processor handling your site is busy and is still catching up to realtime.


Thank you for putting up with my questions!


When I checked my daily stats yesterday they were in the 20000’s for positions reports and 100’s for aircraft seen. I am still in the 24 hour period and now my stats are 4600 and 74 respectively. This morning I was monitoring an aircraft and its position was showing up in the stats page as being 119nm while FA dump 1090 was showing it as 104nm “Real Time.” Why is this so?



Take a look at the responses to this thread.


Thanks for that. :slight_smile:


The stats shown under recent aircraft, reports the distance in statute miles, regardless of what units you choose. 119 sm is about equal to 104 nm. Known problem reported by me a while back.


My stats page started suffering from this a few hours ago. The hourly reports horizontal chart has hash marks for the past 3 hours and the new day just started and that column is highlighted in yellow and empty. The stats page does says it is still receiving live data and the log shows messages are delivering to FA. So I guess the stat system update mentioned yesterday is still rolling through.


The stats calculation is still running behind for some users. We are working on deploying additional hardware to handle our recent growth. Data is being captured and calculated but may not show up immediately on the web site stats page.


Yeah. Today again. Since 19pm EEST. I imagine “work in progress” on statistics engine. Am I right?


I was just coming here to ask about this as well.

Glad to see its not ME. It didnt appear to be as my station shows all kinds of traffic coming in, and it shows me live on the site.


I see the same on one of my two sites as well, happens roughly twice a week as past 2 weeks (only on one of them though as now


Same here - its way behind to the point of sending me an outage email.

*This email is a friendly notification that your PiAware Site 8312 - is not currently sending live flight data to FlightAware. Your receiver last connected to FlightAware on 03-Apr-2017 06:54AM. *

It been running fine all day :unamused:


My site 39562 has been lagging behind by about 2 to 3 hours as well.