VRS Settings not working after upgrade



I have two PiAware stations, one has 3.5.3 and the second recently upgraded to 3.6.2

Both feed in to VRS and were both showing up fine on the VRS interface but since upgrading one device to 3.6.2 this device is now not working in VRS, shows as connected but lists all messages as BAD.

The other device is still working fine.

My settings for both is Basestation and port 30003 which works on 3.5.3 but strangely not on 3.6.2

Anyone any ideas what may have changed?



Try changing the receiver in VRS for the 3.6.2 station to Format AVR or Beast Raw Feed and port 30005.



That sorted it - thanks.

Went through the wizard but that didn’t resolve anything :frowning:

Should that really be the settings for my other station too although it is working fine as Basestation and port 30003



Thanks. Those settings worked for me too, but what has changed for the original settings to stop working?
(I’ve still got one Pi on “Basestation / 30003” and 3.5.3 while the two on 3.6.2 need “AVR or Beast Raw Feed / 30005”)
Is it a bug or a feature?


It depends on how long it has been there. A feature is a bug with seniority.:rofl:


there was one post about extracting more data, can’t recall which.

So i would guess they only want the data formats that contain more information.


It’s a bug introduced in 3.6.2 that affects only port 30003 output; it’s minor but sufficient for VRS to discard the messages. Literally a one-character bug.

You probably want to be using Beast (port 30005) format, though. The port 30003 format is quite limited and does not provide the raw message data. VRS and other clients can do a lot more given the raw messages.