Help reqd feeding VRS from the Beast


Using Windows 7 and feeding data from The Beast via a USB port designated com4, I have it working on PlanePlotter ok but when I try to set up Virtual radar Server I get "When I click the test connection I get “connection using these settings cannot be made, access to port com4 is denied”"
My settings are: (See sceenshot attached)
Format: AVR or Beast raw feed
Connection Serial/normal
Com: Com port4
Baud: 3000000
Data Bits 8
Stops bits 1
Parity and Handshake : none

Any help welcome


with com ports only one program can have access to it at any time. So if plane-plotter is using it VRS Cant.

So try shutting down Plane-plotter and see if it works.


Yeah, thanks, all sorted now.
Using ModeSmixer2, I now sharing to PP, 360radar, adsb exchange and FR24 :slight_smile: