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VRS feeding dump1090-fa

I want to feed dump1090-fa out of my VRS (virtual radar server) instance, but i am obviously too stupid to get the different port options done (ri, ro, whatever)

I’ve set up an outbound port on VRS where dump1090 (in net-only) mode is able to pull the data, but it’s not working.

Which of the command line options in the config i have to set? Outbound on VRS there is only Basestation working, upstream via Beast(AVR) is obviously not possible.

It’s not a merge, so i do not need combine1090. It’s a single feed, merged already on VRS

Thanks in advance

When stupidity kicks in…

dump1090-fa does have a built in help

I’d be very interested to know if you achieve this and how. I was once told that you can only feed data to dump1090-fa from a dongle/RPi combination. Feeding data via VRS would open up some interesting possibilities for me.

Many thanks

so far it’s not working.

VRS broadcast is connected to dump1090, but the data is obviously garbage as most are discarded.
Looks like there is no data format which can be used. VRS export does not allow all possible formats to be forwarded (e.g. AVR format). By trying this you’ll get an error message.

I am feeding a few RPIs to my VRS.
I think I use port 30005:Beast for ADS-B and 30105:Beast for MLAT on one device.









Sure, but i want to do it the other way round.
Showing the data from VRS on a dump1090 map


It is not working. The VRS on Linux doesn’t allow passthrough as Broadcast format:


Beast Splitter can pull the data from VRS and feed it to dump1009-fa.
Use AVR format so that the timing doesn’t mess with MLAT.

The VRS broadcast on Linux is obviously not capable of any other than Basestation or compressed VRS format. I’ve tried already enabling it for AVR or Passthrough, but that give me the error message above. (Format not supported)

Can you explain the problem you’re trying to solve by feeding from VRS to dump1090?

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Passthrough in Server setting will only work if receivers settings are “AVR or Raw Beast”, and port is 30005.

Please see screenshots for Receive configuration.

Not a problem, just playing around. if not working, also ok.

That was the trick i missed so far. Thanks

This requires mono wine which makes the setup buggy. Better install ModeSMixer2 on Linux.

ModeSMixer2 is available for following versions of Linux on a PC



For installation on Pi, following versions are available:

The Russian closed source we all love …
That produces beast from basestation and other features i’d rather they didn’t exist.

I’ll just leave readsb here with plenty of options to shuffle around data.
It will take basestation as an input but it won’t convert it to beast.
But you can forward the basestation as it is.


Same is the case of VRS… :wink:


Partially… If you want to use a combined feed, it does not.

Thanks, checking it. I was reading it, but did not take it under consideration so far

Running for months without any issues on my root server, the bugs might then be somewhere else. Mono in the latest version is working as expected


Did you succeed in feeding dump1090-fa from VRS?


Yes, it is working on a single receiver, but not on merged one.
so I will check if combine1090 can be used for merging the individual receivers coming from VRS.

In between i was testing also your MM2 setup, this was working as well. But it means another piece of software in the chain.

It’s not that mission critical. I just wanted to get a better performing interface having the VRS working in the background

Yes this is right. That is why I used 3 push servers for 3 Pi’s, instead of merging 3 Pi’s feeds, and then use 1 push server for merged feed.