Feeding to sites requiring Dump1090 when using the Beast receiver

I’m using the Piaware image with an Rpi3 and a beast receiver, I’m feeding to FA and ADSB exchange without any problems.
My understanding is, when using the Beast receiver, the data does not go through the Dump1090 program so is it possible to feed other sites that require feed via Dump, such as Plane Plotter or the Opensky network - both assume that a dongle/Dump1090 setup is being used.
I haven’t tried feeding these networks, just assuming it won’t work

I’m no expert, but I think it must go through Dump1090, otherwise how is it decoded? All you have to do is point PlanePlotter to the correct port, which for Beast is usually 30005. I don’t have PP installed anymore, so not sure if things have changed.

I did some reading on the OpenSky Network’s web page last week, and if I recall correctly, it’s the same thing.

FR24 is different, even though you are setup for beast, you need to configure FR24 for AVR on port 30002.