Volkswagen Falcon 900EX nose gear collapse . . .

H.Kleischmann,Airport EDWE,18.11.09

A Volkswagen Cayman registered Falcon 900EX over ran the runway by mere feet!!!, causing the nose gear to collapse in Emden Germany Nov 18/09

Aircraft involved is a 2000 Model 900EX that used to be operated by Volkswagen of America as N965M.

News photos

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wow! What a shame to do that to nice bird like that. But looking at the picture, and the tiny news bite, and not knowing anything about the circumstances,or the aircraft and its required configuration for landing, is it safe to assume that he landed a little fast? Afterall, I dont see any flaps/slats extended. Unless he cleaned it up as part of the shutdown procedure. :confused:

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All always liked this one; banned commercial.

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The plane probably retracts all lifting devices automatically after touch-down for reduced lift and thus better breaking action.

or not


Lift dump, among others - retraction of flaps and slats, happens automatically on thrust reverse or manually. Thrust reverse on Falcon trijets is applied by the Nr. 2 engine (center).

Are you typed in the falcon?

Or even a pilot?

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No, I am not typed in the Falcon. And may be its systems work differently. I have flown a Beech Premier I, which has exactly the system, I described [except, that it’s pure manual].
Captain Picard can happily look up again.
At least on such a short runway with that much water on it, you’d have to do everything, to get good breaking action and land as slowly as possible.

(Sorry, you’ve hit a nerve: braking!)

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The only “Automatic” retraction on Biz jets that i am aware of is actually an “extension!” upon touchdown in the citation a squat switch extends the speed brakes because we dont have thrust reversers. It does just what you said “dumps” excess lift for better braking action. But as far as i am aware even in the boeings and airbuss’ the flaps and slats dont automatically retract on the touchdown rollout.

If anyone has insider information please share!!! But that is how i know it.

FWIW From Flightglobal Re: Falcon 7X: (not 900EX)

The landing roll showed the brakes in combination with automatic lift-dump to be extremely effective and the centre thrust reverser to be quick to deploy, giving a ground roll of 915m without any heavy braking effort. … -easy.html