Flight Options - terminates 68 pilots/200 total staff . . .


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Flight Options Website Company is owned H.I.G. Capital a private global equity fund, and operate 140 biz jets.


Hmm, can’t remember much about them except this:


Gear collapse, new, only had 23 hours on it.


Is that a fuel spill? :open_mouth:


Oh yeah, don’t worry about that. It’s a Beechjet thing…(Raytheon’s standard response for any really strange issue. Also, “That can’t happen”)


N466LX - Shortly after touchdown on refuelling stop the port gear collasped - spilling fuel and damaging port wing trailing edge and port wing tip @ Providenciales, Turks and Caicos 17th March 2007.

Aircraft had just been delivered on 7th March 2007 and is currently registered N507HB.


Yeah some fuel spilled but that was some foam here also.

They drained the rest off into a barrel.

The gear didn’t lock when it went down. FAA guys did a vid showing that. Raytheon and flight options must be glad that it wasn’t a well known incident :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshots from a video.

How it would’ve been when it landed.


How it should have been.