Cessna Mustang forgets to put gear down for landing . . .

Waiting for full confirmation, but a British registered charter Mustang doing flight training, in Cambridge England today - reported as;

There are two operators of Mustangs at Cambridge, Saxonair Charter and new upstart Ambeo.

ATC called gear at last moment and aircraft went around, but still contacted runway with flaps. Proceded to make a normal landing (minus gear) and currently quarantined awaiting further investigation.

I’m sure there will be photos coming shortly! No injuries (Except pride).

What’s the first thing a pilot should do after a gear up landing?

Guess which guy is the pilot?

Oh No And The Guy Holding His Head Is The Pilot

Grab your head, lean against the tail, and cry?

Put the gear selector in the Down position, of course.

Ding Ding Ding Ding… :wink:

Still waiting for more information on the damage to the Mustang?

Aircraft is unconfirmed but reported as upstart operator Ambeo PLC
and the aircraft is Dutch registered PH-TXI that was originally delivered to Bikkair BV or Rotterdam - that folded earlier this year.

My friend used to fly for Shell Canada in Toronto which had a Cessna 310 and a Hawker.

He took off from Toronto International with the President of Shell Canada and another passenger - both in the back. As he selected gear up, the nose wheel jammed into the nose wheel doors.

He flew around for two hours and finally made a landing at YYZ without a nose wheel. As the Cessna 310 came to rest on the 200 foot wide runway, the first thing he saw - was an ant crossing the runway.

At that moment he yelled, “Heh look, those people look like ants”, when he looked behind - both passengers looked - ‘Not well’, as he put it.

Worst part was we were flying the C310 C-FSAS to California the next day, when he phoned to tell me what happened, the aircraft was in repairs for 6 months!!

Correct answer!

Or, you could do like the FlexJet pilot who ripped the relevant pages from the checklist, grabbed his bag, made his way to the terminal, booked an airline flight, and was only found the next day at his home. Also, he neglected to inform the F/O that he was doing any of this!

Aircraft was doing base check (circuits) with a TRE/TRI onboard. Current rumour at Cambridge is that the Gear Horn CB is pulled…(pprune)

Why do that? (i am not a pilot… Yet)

C.Y.A. my friend C.Y.A.

I guess that means you don’t know why you put the gear selector in the down position…

you have much to learn about flying young padawan.

Cover Your A*s

I know what C.Y.A stands for… But since I am your Young ‘‘padawan’’, why don’t you teach me something.

Although I’d rather have the thread unlocked so as to post an eventual outcome to the investigation, that we can all learn from . . .

However Click Here to proceed with hi-jacking of thread.

Slight hijack, but what call sign do the Mustang pilots use?

Mustang or Citation?

So that when the investigators look inside they will see that the gear lever is in the down position and think it must have been a mechanical failure that caused the gear to collapse. If they see the gear lever in the up position, they know right away that the pilot forgot to lower the gear and he is in big trouble.

Of course when the investigators put the airplane up on jacks, and the gear just falls down, it kinda blows it.


If you land gear up- the last thing you need to worry about is what position you put the gear knob in-

You just lost your job, and chances are no one will want to touch you with a 10 foot pole.

I was being pedantic.

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