N470ZW CRJ-200 US Airways Express gear collaspe or???


Video Coverage Hope they put their gear down??? Aircraft clearly sitting on its belly, yet when raised, the gear is clearly appears intact???

I wouldn’t think all 3 gear would collaspe, and still be lowered intact once raised? We had a Merlin that all three gear collasped when a hydralic line burst?? This aircraft landed in darkness, blinding snow, and stormy winds.

Warwick News Report, FAA Preliminary Report , and FAA Registry


It’s not unheard of for the gear that refused to deploy to pop right out once the crane picks the aircraft up.


I thought the crane was going to smack the tail.

Every now and then I see a semi going down the interstate transporting a set of CRJ wings. I assume they are going to Skywest in SLC.


From the “eyewitness” accounts, it sounds like it spun out on the snowy runway and slid off the runway backwards into a snow bank. I can’t tell from the pictures exactly, but are we sure the gear collapsed at all? It might have simply been sitting deep in a snow bank.
Seen the after effects of an accident exactly like this one on involving a cherokee, ripped the wing right off.


Just looked at the second video, I can clearly see all three gear tire tracks where they left the runway. Considering there is about a foot and a half outside my house right now, I should have at least thought of that!!!