N41DZ King Air 90 - gear collaspe - Titusville, FL

FAA Preliminary Report

No one was injured when an airplane had to make a hard landing Tuesday morning at Arthur Dunn Airpark, in Titusville Florida.

Scott Gaenicke, administration division chief for Titusville Fire and Emergency Services, said the two people onboard were OK.

Witnesses reported seeing the Beechcraft King Air twin-turbo aircraft trying to land on the grass runway, but even though the landing gear was down, there were no wheels attached, Gaenicke said.

The plane had to skid on the runway, causing extensive damage to the aircraft’s stabilizers, landing gear and fuselage, Gaenicke said.

Arthur Dunn Airpark has a 3,000-foot runway and a 1,790-foot grass landing strip. The airport is operated by the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority.

At least the nose gear held intact - saved beaucoup dollars on engine and prop damage! A little paint and polish and she’ll be back up in no time! :smiley:

Yeah, that’ll buff right out! :laughing:

I was very surprised to note that the props weren’t cupped. Saved beaucoup dollars indeed. Try as I might, and even with an overdose of salt, I couldn’t get this to go down: “But even though the landing gear was down, there were no wheels attached, Gaenicke said”.

I missed that part… actually, I just looked at the picture! :blush:
Wow! New tires and they forgot to bolt them on… and then they fell off when the gear went up on takeoff…:question:

Yeah, I figure he was so excited about getting his new spinner rims that he forgot to tighten the lug nuts. :laughing:

Hopefully when they get it re-painted they’ll make it look like a King Air and not a Duke.

Saw a plane last weekend that landed nosewheel first so hard that it knocked the wheel off, then ground to a halt on the nose gear. The pilot claimed that the wheel fell off when he put the gear down and that he was a hero for saving the landing. His claim was significantly weakened when they found the broken wheel on the side of the runway.

Earth humans, gotta’ love 'em.