Falcon 900B - accident report from 1999 - worth a look!!!


This Falcon 900B was owned by the Greek Government and operated on their behalf by Olympic Airlines. On September 14th 1999 SX-ECH was decending to land at Bucharest, Romania, when the autopilot disengaged and several-pilot induced oscillations occurred.

Seven passengers, who were not wearing seatbelts were killed; one passenger and the flight attendant, were seriously injured.

Flight Safety 8 page report of this accident.

Romanian Final Report 89 page complete report.

This aircraft is currently operated by VIP Charter Company; MIA Airlines of Romania as YR-CJF, who also operate two VIP BAC-III’s. Guess they got a deal on the Falcon!!!


Damn! Must have broken their necks or cracked their skulls open; that picture of the food cart imbedded in the ceiling (almost ripping the plane apart) is something else…


Photos on page 78 of second report.
People always complain about having to wear their seatbelt, they should look at these photos!!!


:open_mouth: Given the g-loading the airframe experienced, (nearly twice the design positive limit and over 3X the negative) it’s a testament to Dassault engineering that it stayed together…


My first thoughts exactly Mark. Six died in the ship, yet they didn’t disassemble the aircraft in flight?? YGTBSM!!!