Private Jet Crashes in France, 3 Americans killed … ance?lite/

Prayers to the family.

A question about the story though, it says it was a Mystere-Falcon 20, is this the same as a Dassault Falcon 20?

If so the picture does not seem to fit the plane. the horizontal stabalizer on the Dassault is about 1/4 way down the vertical stabalizer, the picture shows it at the top. Also size seems a lot larger based on the people in the picture then a Falcon 20. Lastly would you have a “flight attendant” on that size private jet?

Any guesses?

Looks like a Gulfstream in the picture.

CNN reports it as a G-IV, owned by Universal Jet Aviation, with locations in Europe, and US.



My buddy works for Uni-Jet I’ll get some details soon

Talk about a small world, there are 2 other crews at the same hotel as us about 15 miles from the airport. One of the guys used to work with several pilots at UJT, none in the crash although he knew one of the pilots and the flight attendant. Another pilot used to fly that airplane for a different company.

The local papers have a diagram showing a long landing and them going off the side of the runway through a clear area then into the trees. In the pictures you can clearly see where the left wing hit some trees which spun the airplane about 90 degrees. It is still unclear what part of the airplane ended up in a small lake a few hundred feet further away. Google Earth has a good if outdated shot of the airport. It appears they landed on 13 and ended up in the trees at the NE side of the airport next to the race track.

Rumor has it the young pilot was getting ready for his upgrade to Captain and was flying empty legs in the left seat. I have no idea how that rumor got started immediately after the crash. Another press report says the pilot reported a problem just before the crash but we all know that is almost always reported in every first press dispatch. And of course there is the obligatory report that the airplane was on fire and a wing fell off just before the accident.

The first officer had a Youtube channel, with many videos of himself in the left seat. Since this was a repo flight, there is a really good chance he was in the left seat.

Update: Nothing went in the lake, the front end burned up to the point the initial responders thought it may have separated and since there was nothing laying around thought the nose was in the water.