TBM 850 (edited) down in Iowa





It’s a TBM850. I’ve read about the owner of the plane before, may have been featured in an advertisement. He’s a John Deere dealer in Illinois.




Was that plane build by the French?


Damn…and it was a new 850…

Edited due to the loss of life. :frowning:


Yes, a very solid well designed and well built French plane with an equally great Canadian Pratt & Whitney engine. 35 knot winds there that day, but that plane should easily been able to handle it, so have to suspect the usual cause.


Regardless of who’s fault this was, I really fear the day when we say single pilots flying the Eclipse 500’s around. I worry more when when gets totaled…

Was that plane build by the French?

EADS has headquarters in France, Germany and the Netherlands. I am not sure which one is the official, nor I am sure which country the plane was built in. I do know the the biggest shareholder is a holding company based in France.


Local News Sadly it is reported that the two year old patient was unresponsive after the accident and did not survive.



Their website wins the best sounding website of all time award, for 2008. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They’re built in Tarbes, France, in the south.


I take it that is sarcasm :question: :exclamation: :question:


You talkin to me? :question: :exclamation: :question:

Lighting the fire in a PT6 is a very cool sound in my opinion. I can’t get enough of it. I love it! 8)


EADS, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company is something that only could have been created in Europe. It was basically a merger of all of the major European airplane, space and defense companies to form one giant multinational to compete with Boeing at the time the EU was coming together. Among other things, they make the airbus. Their Socata subsidiary makes smaller planes including the TBM, which started as a joint venture with Mooney in the US. EADS had until recently a German and a French co-president and manufacturing sites throughout Europe. The smaller planes like the TBM are primarily built in the south of France.


Wow, hopefully it is just a slow server or slow postings by the peanut gallery, but I’m amazed that even after robbreid’s posting of the demise of a 2 year-old girl we still see bantering about the freakin’ airplane.

Can we hold off on the hijacking of the posts on this site until all of the information gets out?


Let’s reset…

Here are a few examples of how I see this post continuing:
Too much airplane for this pilot?
Too much weather for the airplane?
Trauma that happens to the body during a seemingly survivable crash?
Were the Pax properly seated and belted, if not, why?


No need to fear… An EA500 is much easier to manage than any conventional twin, piston or turbine. As long as a VLJ pilot has good basic airmanship, understands the airplane, and has strong aeronautical decision making skills (the things that apply to ALL pilots)…VLJ’s aren’t going to be falling out of the sky any more than any other airplane. Which is usually due to the lack therof.


When I replied with my info about the plane, robreids message about the child’s death was not there. That is sad. The apparent condition of the adults may also be a testament to the airplane. The previous news I read on all Cedar Rapids news sites indicated everybody walked away or injuries were minor. I’m assuming the child was not properly restrained since the mom was holding her when the dentist got to the plane. Also I’m not sure why a club feet proceedure needs an angel flight unless it’s secondary to a more serious developmental disability, which is common.


I agree. The subject pilot’s logbook is probably filled with hours in much more complicated airplanes (70’s era twins) than the TBM, but again, couldn’t that also be the problem as well. “This thing could fly itself” - itus.

It is an interesting dynamic. Airmanship, understanding of the airplane and aeronautical decision making becomes even MORE important when moving into today’s seemingly less complex but more capable airplanes.

He may have experienced those winds, taking off from that runway with *that many *passengers in a 1978 Cessna 340 and got the hell scared out of him and vowed never to do it again. So now, he sits behind the controls of a much simpler and state-of-the-art machine and says…this will be easier now!


I don’t think the importance of understanding of the airplane and aeronautical decision has ever changed since the advent of flight.

While planes have become more capable, they also have become more complex not less.

Take my Sundowner vs a Cirrus. Both single engine, fixed gear…

Quite a bit more complexity in a Cirrus compared to my ship, yet the importance of the plane and go no go is the same no matter which flavor you choose.


and I think he would be correct. I have a fair number of hours in a TBM and would have taken off in it in those conditions without any significant concerns.


Uhhh, thanks for listing all the reasons the Eclipse 500s will be falling out of the sky (besides icing and CFIT due to lack of a real nav package). Were you TRYING to list the traits of the type of folks who buy these things?!?


Actually club feet is a very, very serious physical developmental disability.

Angel flights are not for urgent care patients, but basically for medically needy patients with financial problems that can withstand GA type travel but save time in getting to a destination quicker then a car and commercial flights.

GA is the most efficient type of transportation from small town US of A to larger cities that have state of the art medical facilities.

My last Angel Flight patient originated from Johnsonville TN 04A and needed treatment in Houston TX. She was down in Houston in 6.75 hours from door to door with only 20 minute layovers in Starkville MS and Baton Rouge LA. Not too shabby I’d thunk myself considering my leg flightaware.com/live/flight/NGF43L was the slowest of 'em all.


This is just an unbelievably sad story and for y’all to be bickering over nationalistic stereotypes is disgusting. A little girl is dead and the entire episode, which should have been a good story, is now a tragedy. The pilot was spending his own time and money to help a little girl have a more normal life and now he has to live with the fact she perished in his care.

I was following this story all day yesterday but didn’t post it because the media had some facts wrong on the type(they were calling it a 137hp TBM700) and I didn’t want to touch off the typical anti-media firestorm that we see too often. Instead we get this crap. Grow up and look at the bigger picture.