Seeking Information on Aibus Incident


I’m trying to find infromation on an aircraft incident that I once saw on a documentary of which I only vaguely recall the details. Here are the details I remember, which may or may not be accurate.
The aircraft may have been an Airbus. There was a computer fault that caused the aircraft to go into uncontrolled flight for a period of time. During that time the aircraft entered several unusual attitudes (including inverted if I remember right). The pilots were eventually able to regain control of the aircraft and land. I thought there were pictures and/or video of the incident.

I’ve searched google and youtube with little luck. Does anybody have any recollection of this incident?


I vaguely remember a Tarom, or other Romanian airline, Airbus several years ago in Paris having all sorts of problems. There was a short video of it floating around too. Thats about all I remember.



Aeroflot 593?


Airbus A310-325 Registration YR-LCA
Here is the 71 page incident report; … 40924a.pdf


That’s not the one I was thinking of. There was no failure on that flight. The autopilot disconnect warning was turned off and they lost control with a kid at the controls after the autopilot was inadvertently disconnected.

Here is another one I hadn’t heard of: … ml?ref=rss


robbreid has it, that’s the one I was looking for.



That’s surprising John. We had quite a bit of discussion here about that flight due to the press quoting passenger reports of “Some of the armrests on the aisle seat sides were bent 60 degrees from people holding on. That’s how extreme it was”. (Emphasis added.)


I may have actually been working that week!!


Thanks for the help.


A somewhat reminiscent incident happened on China Airlines 006: … 19850219-0

An accompanying documentary can be found on YouTube (Part 1):


I can’t believe that John, as that would infer there are times you’re not working and I’ve seen no evidence of that to date.

Going to start referring to you as “Our correspondent in the middle east!” :wink: