Hmm how?


How did Air Canada Flight 190 had damaged it’s computers? I was thinking about that in the last month.


Passengers reported a number of altitude changes before a 15 second occurrence that saw the plane violently shift, sending passengers and crew flying around the Airbus. The pilot reported to the passengers that the computer failed. The pilot made an emergency call to the air traffic controller (ATC), asking for clearance to make an emergency landing at Calgary International Airport. The plane then proceeded to make a safe landing in Calgary around 8:30 am (MT).

An online flight path indicated that the plane appeared to change course south of Grand Forks. Air Canada has not confirmed the cause for the flight’s diversion and will be conducting a full internal investigation.

FlightAware, which tracks commercial flights, reported radar showed the aircraft bouncing up and down between various altitudes starting about 20 minutes after takeoff, believed to be an attempt to evade turbulence.


The TSB report hasn’t been released yet, and is probably months away.

You might want to review this PPRuNe thread which, ignoring the ‘amateur’ contributions, suggests that turbulence may have disrupted the FMS (autopilot).

Of course it could have been the other way round, FMS failure leading to gyrations. Wait and see I guess…