How to find out why a flight was redirected?

Hello… Was trying to find out why AFR85 en route from SFO to CDG on May 15, 2018 was diverted to Winnipeg. A general Google search turns up nothing. Flight log on this site shows sudden direction change and a 11,000 descent around 9:00 am.

I’m sure there are a lot of experts on here who might know where incidents are recorded?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

If its an event that doesn’t attracts the news services, its unlikely that the reason will be known by anyone other than airline/handling agency staff. Even ATC may not know what the issue is unless an emergency or request for priority of some sort is requested.

OK, thank you Belzybob.

These days crews avoid saying much over the radio unless they have to, just because so many are monitoring the ATC frequencies. If I were to guess, I’d suggest something like a sick passenger rather that a serious aircraft problem.

On a side note/off-topic…I saw a message tagline from a scanner user the other day that said something like this: ‘Stop internet streaming of emergency services, or they will all be encrypted.’

I’m not saying this is right or wrong, just mentioning it.

The same thing happens with broadcasting shortwave listening. Some people say that mistakes/errors on the part of broadcasters, such as wrong time of the day power levels and/or wrong frequency, should not be ‘broadcast’. Report to the station privately, get your QSL, and move on.

Encryption of police comms is becoming very common. Our state have had it for a number of years.

Once again, thanks. I hate the fact that I’ve become freaked out about flying. I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of flights (travel industry) and even started writing a kids’ book about flying (explaining flight dynamics, turbulence, etc), but my last flight scared the heck out of me. Air France flight over the Sierra Nevadas that made the plane shake, rattle and roll like a tin can in rapids… I KNOW how safe air travel is overall. That’s why I’m exploring this site, to “listen” to the calm reassuring voice of reason that most aviation fans have!