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Virtual Radar Server MLAT shows few aircraft

I have MLAT working with the VRS and also see Planes with it.
The last days I saw police helicopter or Eurofighter in my FA or ADSB-Exchange output but not in my VRS. What could be the error with my configuration?
The VRS ist connected with MLAT at 30105 with Beast.

A few Screenshots with MLAT aircraft in ADSB-Exchange (f.e.) and not showing in VRS.

thank you for your patience

My VRS configuration:

ADSB-E shows a Eurofighter with MLAT:

VRS shows also some MLAT but not this one:

police help with MLAT:

But not in my VRS:

Try this setting:


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Sorry I forgot a screenshot above, I use Beast at 30105 for MLAT and merged them into one feed.

adsbexchange MLAT results in beast format are available on port 30157.
You’re lacking those.

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cat /usr/local/share/adsbexchange/adsbexchange-mlat.sh

Scroll to this chunk of code:

RESULTS="--results beast,connect,localhost:30104" 
RESULTS2="--results basestation,listen,31003" 
RESULTS3="--results beast,listen,30157" 
RESULTS4="--results beast,connect,localhost:30154"

Use any one of following ports:

Basestation format: 31003 in the line starting with RESULTS2=


Beast format: 30157 in the line starting with RESULS3=


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Thank you both, I really appreciate all the help.
At 30157 I am listening to MLAT at ADSB-Exchange and where did I listen to at Port 30105?

Totally confused

Flightaware mlat results.

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:see_no_evil: sure…and those are filtering military?