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Virtual Radar Database on RPi

I had some challenges in setting up Virtual Radar on my PiAware.
First the port was not working due to the same port on FA, that it fixed now

But i do not see a way on how to create a new empty database. For Windows there’s a plugin available for creating a new DB where all current flights are logged into.

This plugin is not available for Linux via Web Interface, and i do want to run it with gui
I tried it to “touch” an empty file and add it to the configuration. At least it does not complain about a missing file, but the file remain empty.

How do i get this resolved? I do not need a new full Basestation.sqb but an empty DB which is getting filled over time.

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Try this: http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Files/BaseStation.zip

That’s a file with data and not what i was looking for. But will give it a try by opening and emptying the file to have the structure in place.

Maybe that was my problem.

I have never seen an empty file anywhere.

I’m not near my Windows PC at the moment but if someone has access to VRS (I see there’s been a new version recently, btw), could they rename their existing database and use the plugin to create a new empty one for you? I seem to remember there’s a button to do that.

I have this running on an RPI. I am not at home at the moment so can’t find the exact details(I’ll do my best from memory).

Download the linux database creator from here
I think you have to unpack the file and put it into the plugins directory.
Then you just need to create the database, as per the instructions.

Quick Configuration Instructions

After installation go to Tools | Plugins , click Options against the Database Writer plugin and tick the Enabled box.

If you are starting a new database from scratch : Enter a filename for the database and click Create Database.

If you are using an existing database : Remove the tick from Only update databases that this plugin created and enter the path to the existing database.

He’s not running the GUI.

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Unless it works with the admin plugin then he will need to run the GUI.

here’s one I made earlier: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hezcyr45pmxdy8x/BaseStation.sqb?dl=1

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thanks for all your support

Stupidity kills brain sometimes…
After your posts i remember that i have an instance on my Windows PC
So i used the DB Writer and created a new empty one

I know why i like that forum :slight_smile:

Isn’t running VRS on RPi (through mono I assume) sluggish?

On the Pi3 it uses around 2 cores.
(with mine already running airspy, not a good idea)

So running it on the Pi4 would be no problem i think.

I am using it for logging only, not using the web interface.
But i agree, the performance could be better

I was now able to setup the new created DB in the WebAdmin and it does not complain.

However the DB is not used. It’s still empty with the last file date from where i created it.
Any idea why it’s not used?

I also restarted the app.

Mine is Pi 2 Model B.
No way to run VRS as it is already running so many things:

  • 2 instances of dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev
  • 2 instances of piaware 3.7.1 (Stn # 5252 and # 6396)
  • 2 instances of Planefinder feeder
  • 2 instances of FR24 feeder
  • 1 instances of Opensky-network feeder
  • 1 instances of Adsbexchange feeder
  • 1 instances of RadarBox24 feeder
  • 1 instances of RadarVirtuel feeder

If I purchase Pi 4, then I will consider running VRS also.

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I have a P3 B (non plus) with similar processes running and VRServer works.

Slow, but still alive :slight_smile:

Since couple of months ago, my OrangePi PC started crashing frequently, and finally died few days ago. I have ordered another Orange Pi PC ($15), awaiting deliverey (slow).

I temporarily transferred Orange PI’s Piaware, FR24, and Planefinder feeders to the RPi by creating 2nd instances of dump1090-mutability , piaware, fr24, and planefinder, so my feeds are restored.

Too old. Date shows for 2015.

@glennblum OP wanted an empty database and short of taking my instance off line to create one for him, this was the closest thing I could find.

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Which was appreciated :slight_smile:
But can we come back to my previous question, why the DB is not used even if set correctly in WebAdmin Configuration?