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Using VRS - DB writing does not work


i have some issues getting VRS (Virtual Radar Server) running on my Pi3

In general it works, also the WebAdmin.
But i am not able to get the app to write into the database.

I’ve created a new db, set the path and name properly in the Web Interface. It does not give me any error, but it simply does not use the db.

I’ve tried to install the Database Writer plugin, but all attempts to access it failed so far.
Any ideas?

Which user is VRS running as?

Can that user write to that path?

It’s the default user. Other files like AircraftOnlineLookupCache.sqb are created and updated fine in the same folder

Also the process itself is running with that user

Let’s see this:

ls -l path

With path being the directory you have those database files.

Path and File is correct. Otherwise the Web-Admin settings are telling me “path incorrect, DB not found”.

I put it in the folder where all the other files are in after the install (~/.local/share/VirtualRadar)

So, let’s see the result of the command.
And the command line that starts the program.

You saying “it’s correct” is not helpful if you don’t know why it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

not sure what you want to read from the command line saying “mono virtualradarserver.exe --nogui” :slight_smile:
But never mind, i needed to perform a reboot due to a different reason.

Now the database writes are working as expected.
However i will see if i keep it running as it’s pretty ressource consuming.

Well, the interesting part would be where it’s executed from.

But if it’s working, it’s working.

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and thanks again for your efforts trying to help me, even on a Sunday…