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own database

Is there a software available to have a database of all own recorded data?

For instance it could be nice to look for an aircraft and to see, how often it was recorded from the own receiver or to create a map with all recorded flights of the last 24 hours …

Maybe it exist such software

I think Virtual Radar Server has plugins that will do this.

thanks for the hint. Well, I’m looking for a software which can be run on the raspi, too.

I think (but don’t quote me!) some people have managed to run VRS on a Pi with mono. But, ow, that must be horrible, especially since VRS won’t run headless…

And they do have a Linux version of the database writer… But that’s a cruel thing to do to a poor little Pi…

bob k6rtm

Here is a post I made in the past. There are two links there for Python scripts that I used as examples to write my own script to save observed aircraft to my own MySQL database.



For a few years I’ve been running a java script developed by Steve Sampson, aka coupe on the RadarSpotters.eu http://www.radarspotters.eu/forum/index.php?topic=4255.0 forum, that takes MSG (port 30003) data and throws it into a MySQL database and attempts to form tracks. It does a good job, but not a great job but since there is absolutely nothing else for this type of data collection then that’s all we have.

From this data I can do some neat reports (see adsb.hfaero.com and select the Reports menu item) but today be aware that my web host has performed some MySQL maintenance and a warning message appears on most reports but this should disappear tonight when corresponding PHP maintenance is done. The data underneath is OK so go have a look!

While I don’t have the skills to develop my own software I am competent in SQL skills to get data and show rows and tables in PHP pages. If I need to visualise some of the data I can use cartodb.com or tableau.com/public to map the positions.

I don’t think Steve has published his software so permissions may need to be sought if you want a copy.

I’m working on a Qt 5 app that would save the data to files (one for each day) and would be readable (at least get the transmission details). The map isn’t functional yet (due to support for maps in the library not yet ready). I’m currently running it on my Pi and everything seems to be going mostly well.


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Oops, old post I know…

I started developing that code many years ago (In Java Actually), but I found that no one liked Java. Just the fact that it had Java in the title, then no amount of work I did in MySQL would satisfy :slight_smile:

Anyway, my intent was to have a database that 3 or 4 receivers around town could feed. Alas, all my old Ham buddies are passed away now (I’m over 62) and about the only thing I do with radios anymore is chat with folks on digital HF modes.

I do have the code laying around somewhere, but the last iteration involved those RTL dongle receivers and Jetvision software to generate the target data for the database. It was all Open Source though.

If you are using dump1090 or similar, then modesmixer2 can write to a basestation format database. Modesdeco2 can also do it, but I found that it wasn’t quite as good at decoding as dump1090. There’s not that much in it though. Both of those run on the raspberry pi, and don’t have much overhead.

I found that a lot of decoder software ignored the booleans like Alert, Emergency, On Ground, Ident, etc.
So the term “Port 30003 compatible” was pretty much anything you wanted it to mean.

Thus I spent a lot of time making a Java decoder for ADS-B, but this was tedious, so I punted and just went with the Jetvision code, which didn’t hide the bits like Planeplotter and all the rest did.

Not sure if that’s still the case, but it was interesting database items for me, and the b-tards wouldn’t let me have it :slight_smile:

… made a small script that dumps data to mysql or sqlite - here: Dump1090 MySQL Database Script - E-Mail-Alert Lat/Lon/Alt/Hex/Flight-Filter