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Virtual Radar Database on RPi

Sorry, I only run the Windows version so can’t really help with that.

Yes, that’s why i am confused as well. I launched it for testing on my Windows device and the DB was used properly.

Did you edit the permissions of that file under Linux?

Yes, permissions are set properly, but i will check it again later today.

I see your point. I never gave it any consideration to start off with a empty database and allow it to build up.

Not working.

For testing purposes i’ve tried the originally downloaded database which is approx 25 MB in size and file date is mid of 2015
I would expect that it’s updated immediately once i set it in the configuration.

But the file is simply not touched.

My database
-rw-r–r-- 1 pi pi 158314496 Aug 8 20:00 database.sqb

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This is how I have my basestation.sqb set up. Its located pi/home directory and I have both VRS and MM2 pointed to it.I found out there is no permission to have or access these files while its in pi/home.

For those setting this up on a pi without a monitor attached, there is actually a way to use the GUI from a windows machine using X11 forwarding.

On the pi, make sure X11 forwarding is enabled in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
There should be a line: X11Forwarding yes

On windows, you need an X server running. I use MobaXTerm which is quite a nice ssh client that includes an XServer. You could also use something like XMing.

It’s not as fast as using a native display, but it saves having to install all the display stuff on a headless pi, and is sufficient for adjusting a few settings.

It should not matter if X is running or not. Started with -nogui and the WebAdmin Plugin installed there’s an option to enter a database with full path.
So that’s not the problem.

It’s also not a problem with permissions, i even tried chmod 666 for it.
But wherever i put the file and adjust the folder in the settings, it’s ignored by VR

I think i give up this approach. As abcd567 said already, the CPU load is 20% higher as without it, even with not using the web interface

Playing around with the Dump to MySQL now.
Thanks for all your support

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