Very happy with my powered USB hub

:smiley: I want to share with you my experience with the UUGear powered hub.

After wearing out several MicroSD cards (A-brands!), I wanted to move my ADSB Receiver setup to a small SSD (Kingspec 1.8" SATA III 16gb SSD, 15 Euro including shipping from Aliexpress). During the data migration from the MicroSD card to the SSD, the system crashed several times which I concluded to be due to lack of power on the Raspberry PI 2 USB ports. The solution to go for a powered USB hub was clear.

After quite some research I came across an USB hub from a Czech manufacturer UUgear offering a 7 port USB hub which can be bolted to the back of the raspberry.
I also purchased from them an acrylic case in which I could place the Raspberry, the USB hub and 2.2" TFT.
The USB hub is powering the Raspberry PI through two included Pogo pins which reduces cable clutter.

The cost were very acceptable. USB hub Euro 17,75 + Case Euro 6,85 + Shipping (CZ to NL) Euro 4,65.

After using the powered USB hub, I was able to transfer the content of the MicroSD to the SSD using a script from Adafruit.
I am now running my ADSB receiver in a setup, I am really happy with.

That is a pretty slick setup.

Great find. Many thanks for posting :smiley:

Very nice, what’s the display showing, and what screen is it & was it easy to configure.

The screen is showing view1090. Very simpel to setup.

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