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Looking for custom-made Rpi

I’m looking for a vendor or anyone who will create a Rpi without the Pro stick and filter. I’m trying to keep the cost is low as possible. Since I already own a Pro stick and filter I wouldn’t need these.

Amazon has several versions of this hardware available but none in the configuration mentioned above. Alternatively, does anyone know who the vendor is who assembles the product that is sold

on Amazon for ADS-B tracking with flight aware? I could contact them directly and see what they say. The antenna is also not needed since I currently have a good one outside.

Thanks for your time, Dan

You could buy this combination of items:


That’s the Rpi, a power supply, a case and the sd-card.

The sd-card needs to be overwritten with the piaware sd-card image as i described in my other post.

FlightAware doesn’t sell an assembled product, FWIW. Those are third party packages.