FlightAware wants your feedback on PiAware parts vendors

Hi everyone, please post your feedback on the vendors we link to for PiAware parts. In particular, we’re interested in the timeliness and any problems you may experience ordering parts from non-US vendors and if you have any ideas on how we can improve the process for everyone.

I purchased a number of the ADSB receivers from Amazon, most recently in July to replace a broken one on the road. It was drop shipped to a destination ahead of us, and very pleased with the service. The broken one was due to rattling around in the RV- lessons learned.
amazon.com/gp/product/B009U7 … fligh01-20

I bought the CanaKit RPi B from Amazon and had excellent response time. Fully satisfied. Will probably buy another B+ model this week, either from your list or the adjacent CanaKit if it has a 2A power supply.
Only drawback is an overstock on 8GB chips which won’t fit the B+.

Up to now no issues with your Australian supplier Wiltronics. Quick dispatch of product. Another outfit that stock the Pi is http://www.altronics.com.au/
The Usb extension listed from Dick Smith works fine as does the dvb-t from your listed supplier. All delivered within a reasonable timescale. I have a second Pi on order so I can hopefully increase coverage to the north of my current location.

I have been very pleased with my purchases. I ordered a B+, antenna/dongle, wifi dongle and SD card all from the links here. I got my stuff quickly and everything was in good shape. No complaints.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this. I’m really enjoying it.


Had everything except for the antenna. Ordered it from the Amazon link, received it this afternoon and its up and running this evening. Seems to be running great so far!

Ordered the recommended list from Amazon, showed up in two days and everything worked first time.

I did change the pi password pretty quickly.

Use putty from my windows 8.1 laptop to access the login.

Received everything Friday afternoon. Was up by Friday evening. Figured out how to feed FlightRadar24 at the same time, too… lol

all the hardware part works fine haven’t found any unreliable hardware ,what we need now is some reliable software that we can start and still find it working a few days later ver 1.15.2 ,and better communications to members or when things are going to be just changed like the user page issue and leaving many wondering
and waisting good time trying to work out at there installation whats broken , all it takes is a notification guys

maybe a section on the forum … called notifications for members and leave it read only

You do realize this is free software… right?

We’re always working to improve the processes, stability, features, and communication. This system is pretty new and rapidly innovating, which is sort of a tradeoff with being stagnant when it comes to problems and communication.


I built my Raspberry Pi (B+) about three weeks ago, and thus far it has been going strong. All parts were ordered through Amazon, and were received within 2 days of ordering. I should note that I already had an SD card, so one wasn’t ordered. I’m looking at the outdoor DPD antenna listed, and may splurge on it if I get the cash… should that happen, I’ll keep y’all posted about it.

-G :wink:

Price has gone up(slightly) on the NooElec RTL-SDR receiver to $23.95 vs. what is listed on the “Build your Own” page.

Also, you can save considerable money by purchasing the CanaKit Raspberry Pi starter kit from Amazon for $59.99. It includes the pi, case, power supply, 8G Micro-SD card, wi-fi dongle, and HDMI cable for this price. Works great and only takes a minute to put together.

Bought my Raspberry Pi from Amazon per the FlightAware posted parts list. Chose longer delivery as I was traveling and everything arrived in good order as promised, went together and worked.

I then bought the DPD outdoor antenna with patch cable, also as linked, about $200.
Dave at DPD has been very responsive to my email questions pre- and post- purchase.

They were backlogged but Express-Mailed it and it arrived within a week or so.
Triangular USPO mailing tube was pretty badly mangled, but contents were OK.
Quality of antenna and patch cable seem very good.

Completed installation and hookup of the outdoor antenna to the R.Pi and upgraded to PiAware 1.16.
Plan on another $100 for good cable, terminations, adapters and grounding for a proper install.
Reception range immediately doubled, and I’m happy overall.

Purchased the recommended RTL-SDR and also opted for the CanaKit RPi B+ complete starter kit with case, 8GB SD Card, power adapter and HDMI cable. Both purchased from amazon with one day shipping. Product arrived quickly and instructions online were simple to follow. Feeding data for a few hours now.

The Raspberry Pi was purchased directly from buyapi.ca and was delivered the next day.

Followed the Amazon links for Canadian customers and purchased the DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver, Case, Power Supply & Micro SDHC Card (Choose Sandisk 32GB Class 10).
All but power supply shipped together for free and was delivered in 5 days.
Power supply shipped separately from US (Even though it was stated Canadian supplier), paid $10.99 (!) in shipping and was delivered in 10 days.

Installation of PiAware was a breeze and my Pi is running like a charm.

Bought my Raspberry PI @ Microcenter, it was cheaper by about $10.

Got the listed antenna from Amazon. Would love to know additional antenna options, as well as if there’s a way to use multiple antennae with 1 raspberry pi. (I’m in an apartment so I could have going out each direction on a corner)


Bought another Pi as a backup. B+, Edimax wifi per your spec. Opted for 2A Powersuppy, Zebra case. Dongle & homemade antenna on hand. Downloaded image went on a spare card. USPS mislaid the package for a couple of days.
Hardest part was assembling the Zebra enclosure. Put the Edimax MAC address into the routers address reservation table, and plugged it in and ran with it. Excellent work on hardware and software configs.
Kudos all around for staff.

Ordered everything from vendors listed on your site and could not be happier. Smooth transactions and Outdoor antenna is AWESOME! Getting planes for 200 miles away.

I’m planning to move my pi to a location in the drop ceiling of my office directly under a mast where I’ll mount a new external antenna when it arrives. No power outlet nearby so I decided to try using PoE for power and ordered the following two items from Amazon:

amazon.com/gp/product/B00ECY … UTF8&psc=1

amazon.com/gp/product/B003CF … UTF8&psc=1

Works great and cost less than $20. If you have access to PoE ethernet then this is a nice option.