Commercial ADS-B Ground Receivers?

We’ve been trying for over two years to buy a FlightFeeder box for evaluation but despite being an international aerospace company with sites all over the world with backup power and mission-critical internet links we’ve have had no response, so we’re giving up on getting one.

However, I’m still looking for commercial grade ADS-B Ground Receivers (Not homebrew Raspberry Pi things) preferably ones that require very little maintenance. Does anyone have any recommendations? Not worried about cost.

My experience with FA is that they are pretty responsive, have you tried emailing them?

I use Radarcape - that is essentially the same hardware that Flightradar24 uses. Radarcape is expensive but has exceptional performance.

Please email me and I can help. Also can you forward your emails where you didn’t receive a response?

dbaker: Forwarded email, also, we’ve spoken before about this same issue.

clipsnotebook: Radarscope looks like a good alternative and seems open enough to allow for advanced administration and probably customization, I will look further into this, thank you!