Very fast Citation X Coast-Coast Trip

Just ran across this X’s trip that is just finishing up. 3.5hours from the west coast to the east cost…Ground speed was nearly 1.10mach the whole way! WOW! … /KSNA/KIAD

Just something i found to be very interesting and certainly not something you see everyday. Id bet 100$ those pilots had smiles on there faces the whole way thinking…we are the fastest civilians on earth right now i bet.


did you see that 702 GS?

If you look at the tracklog, the arrival and departure times are off by a few minutes, both shortening the displayed time.

I suppose the winds from that nasty winter weather system pushed them right along. This is why I want a Citation X. But, then there’s that money thing.

While that Citation may have been getting it pretty good, check out this hi flying GV…748 mph, mach 1.14…Now, that is with the effects of a huge storm over the eastern part of the country. I heard on the weather today that the jetstream is blowing at over 200mph today. … S/tracklog

Denis Blake

Why does it say that England is outside of FlightAware’s service area?

I’m seeing MD-82’s (!) doing 570 knots over Southern Kentucky. Going the other way - a 737 doing 350 knots. 200mph sounds right.

We had a tailwind component of 105 kts. the other day from Jeddah to Riyadh. The wind was actually blowing around 125. Now we have to figure out of staying at 280 or climbing to 430 is better for the return trip tomorrow.
It’s that time of the year.

John in Saudi