I FOLLOW A LOT OF BUSINESS JET ON FLIGHT AWARE AND LOVE IT. My nephnew flyies a Chandler(spelling) 600 and can fly. 4600 miles. So what can the fastest business Jet in the world fly to? As long as I’m asking, what about the top of the like in Gulfstream VI? ( Is that their best?).Looking over the other top of the line Business Jet, who can fly the futherest and fastest in each. I don’t think Lear flyies over Europe without stopping. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT.




WILL! be nice :laughing: … mance.html


Cessna needs to invest in some spell checking software.

The Citation X will fly farther than an old straight wing G2 but not as far as a G3. The G650 is the latest offering from Gulfstream but it is still going through the certification process.

There is not a chance that a Challenger 600 will fly 4600 miles, only their Global Express and Global 5000 will go that far.

The Lear 60 will fly nonstop from Gander to London (I’ve done that one). The The 35 and 55 will fly Gander to Shannon. Westbound from Europe you get to land in Iceland (been there too).

Hope that gives you some idea of range.

John in Saudi


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