Variations in Boeing aircraft


Here’s a silly question.
In the Boeing range of aircraft (let’s take the 757) they are sometimes identified with a different letter at the end. For example B752/Q or B752/W
I did warn that this was a stupid question but what, if anything, do these letters signify?

Anybody help?



Those are the equipment codes, transponder, RVSM etc. The codes and other goodies are covered under “about flight aware. FAQ’s”.


Answer is here: … suffix.rvt


This was talked about the other day:


Thanks to all those who replied. Sorry for being such a philistine but I’m just one of those people who loves everything to do with planes but doesn’t know very much about them and would be totally lost without Flight Aware and all you out there who give me a fools pardon and take the time and trouble to give me a little bit of your expertise.

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“Fool’s Pardon”.

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Thanks guys, you’ve done it again ! Coincidentally my daughter and some of her friends have a little band going and their first performance is tonight. I don’t think they’ve settled on a name yet so I might throw “Fool’s Pardon” into the mix and see how that goes. Unless, of course, there’s something I don’t know and someone’s already using the name…

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