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Going around the site I’ve fount the 747 of BA is present in three versions: 744 or 744/Q or 744/W.

Which are the differences among them?



This and other questions are answered at

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All are 747-400s. The /q or /w tells Air Traffic Control the equipment and navigation capabilities of the aircraft.

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Please excuse my butting in here ,but they actually fly two different types of 747, LHR-SFO= one has the world traveler + behind First , and the other has them behind Buisiness class and nearly in the middle of aircraft I have flown several time this route ,and if you check SEAT GURU you will see the seating arrangments :question:


Hi davidxvpara! Welcome to the FA forums.

The differences you mention pertain to cabin seating arrangements. The differences noted by the OP of this thread deal primarily with navigation capabilities of the aircraft.

/Q = Has Advanced RNAV capabilities (With Transponder) and has required Navigational Performance. The aircraft meets the RNP type prescribed for the route segment(s), route(s) and/or area concerned and is capable of operating under Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum rules.

/W = is capable of operating under Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum rules

The differences in equipment and cabin arrangements are not directly related.