No more 747's?

Starting sometime next week it looks like BA will switch from using their 747-400’s to 777’s on the London to Seattle route. I am heading out on Oct 13 and am disappointed to learn of this. Does anyone know why BA is doing this?

Probably either more efficient (fuel wise), they weren’t selling enough seats to turn a decent profit or a combination of both…

Ah, come on now! Everyone knows the airlines do not like spotters so when BA found out glider1 was going to SEA to on October 13 to see their 747 they changed to the 777 just to spite him.

Or, maybe it’s just what wisertime07 said. :slight_smile:

Read somewhere that they are parking 6 more 744’s for the winter.

nah - your first answer is correct. I was just throwing out my idea to try and cover up the hidden agenda. You’re just too smart dami - way to let glider know that BA is out to ruin his trip…

Did they ever figure out that one thing on their 777?

Like how to keep the engines running on final? :laughing:

SEA is a very seasonal market. The loads on the 777 are probably low during the winter.

Airlines usually send smaller planes on international flights during the winter months because there are less travelers. Go on and search the BA flight for a summer day and it will tell u the aircraft type