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British Airways retiring their entire 747 fleet


This is terrible.

The end of an era.


I just saw this and came to report the same thing. I agree, it’s a real shame.

QANTAS and others have already done this.

How many are left elsewhere?

Quite a few in the air at the moment


Some are probably freight.


I think most are freight now, aren’t they?

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Lufthansa seem to be using their 747-830s for passenger services again.

I’ve had a few pop up on my system recently.

It is a shame they don’t fly in and out of Britain - I’d love to see one of those. Going somewhere on one would be even better of course but I don’t think that is very likely.

Most are freighters now. Check the activity in and out of Anchorage for instance.

Yes, we’ve established that. You just quoted me word for word!

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When I flew with Lufthansa from US to EU, I had the option to choose the B747 for $50 more than the Airbus flight. The flight time was slightly shorter with the 747 (higher cruise speed) and the perceived (by me) safety made me pay happily that premium. For me and my child that is.

PS: I can’t travel anywhere now, with everyone being paranoid of this flu, but that’s another issue.

I don’t suppose there’ll be an official ‘final flight’ of a BA 744 but if there is, I’d love to be on it.

One can only hope!

These flights were booked out very quickly.

They have been and gone and the last QF B747 is now in the storage.

I have my fingers crossed for you.


They have started to ferry some of the BA 747s to Kemble, my local airfield, for scrapping. At last count there are now 7 BA 747s here, more on their way I’m sure. I managed to catch G-BYGF’s last flight: https://youtu.be/V5W-6npKEdw

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Yesterday BA retired the final 747s that were left at Heathrow. A British Airways jumbo will never fly from Heathrow again. Here’s a short 10 minute film about the final flight of G-CIVB, in Negus livery, landing at Kemble for the final time yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piPRrVG31tU


Yet it seems that G-CIVY went to St. Athan (DGX).

I wonder why.