Lufthansa B-747 400

Iv seen that Lufthansa has ordered a fleet of 20 B-747 8 Intercontinental aircraft which then would be replacing the old fleet of B-747 400s. Will Lufthansa convert the old B-747 400s into a B-747 400F for Lufthansa Cargo like the B-747 200 or will they sell the old planes to a diffrent airlines ?

It will probably depend on what the cargo market looks like at the time of the 747-8i deliveries. If the cargo economy is good they will likely take them on as freighters. If not they’ll stick them in the desert and look for buyers (if they can find them - the used 747-400 market will be fairly crowded at that point with very few if any buyers).

The staff mentioned 100 times, if not more since 2009, that the answer depends upon the state of the question.
I had a business chance to know Regional manager Lufthansa dozen years ago, when LH ordered B747-400. He had 2 sons which entered the check in the LH department at the German airport as the entry level. The local newspaper published the editor’s article, where regional managers answered the question of the newspaper host on the steps of the carriers in the case, when the luggage of the passenger is missing during the flight.
The shortest answer was the Regional manager Lufthansa: we do not lose the luggage of the passenger. It was dozen years ago.

The Airbus corporation did not have plans to develop the cargo plane from their base models A330, A340, A350, 360x. The level looks unausual for the managment. They are the champions of the European skies.

Today status of the governmnet shares Lufthansa as weel as Airbus is not known for me.
If they are, nobody guesses, who is entitled to aquare 100 per cent of German governent shares and even more.