Lufthansa reaffirmed Airbus A380 is not coming back

Lufthansa’s (LHAB) (LHA) chief executive Carsten Spohr reaffirmed that the Airbus A380 will “obviously” not be a part of Lufthansa’s (LHAB) (LHA) fleet. Company’s boss added that the German carrier was “in line with their previous announcements”, saying that they will “use this crisis to have major modernization”.

Lufthansa reaffirmed Airbus A380 is not coming back (

Sad to see this aircraft go along with ‘The Queen’ but guess the 747 will still be used for cargo, not sure if 380 used for that purpose. I have seen a few on approach to Heathrow so still being used.


There are some flying again.

Emirates had 5 in flight when I looked at 0410Z

Singapore have taken two out of staorage at Alice Springs. One went to Sydney for maintenance.

Qantas has announced that it intends to keep using them when they eventually fly international again and has several refitted and put back into storage.

There is hope yet to fly in them once again.


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I was thinking the same: Would there be a market for converting to cargo? Would maintenance cost be and issue, given the number of aircraft?

I admit, I’m a newbie w/respect to my question. Not involved with that area of the industry.

Not my area of expertise either but Boeing seem to be the preferred cargo carriers with the 747 still popular along with the versatile 777


I am also not an expert, but i do see the A380 only in a few areas as cargo.
Airbus is currently also working on an A350 Cargo version

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Final decision made now.

CEO Spohr confirmed that the A380 will never return to service for Lufthansa in an interview with news magazine “Spiegel”

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