BA 50 aircraft order by 2007


I’ve heard that BA are going to order 50 aircraft from either Boeing or Airbus before the end of 2007 these will replace the rest of the remaining 21 B767-300’s :cry: :cry: :cry: and about half of their 57 B747-400’s :frowning: , favourites are the B777-300, B787 and A350 plus the A380 was mentioned, but the 748’s wasn’t (but i think BA are keeping quiet about the 747-8’s because when i was at farnborough last year i spoke to a BA 744 SFO who said he can’t wait until the 748’s join the fleet)

Anyone know more about this? Or have a opninion on what aircraft BA will buy???


Just guessing here, as will anyone else who answers (unless BA’s CEO happens to dwell among the ranks in the FA community)…

To replace the 763s, I’d go with the 787. The “news” that the program is right on schedule should drastically reduce any doubt that Speedbird will go with the Dreamliner over the A350XWB.
For the 744s, I’d guess that it will be a mixture of A380s (a dozen or so maybe?) along with about 10-15 748s. Of course, the 773 is suddenly a popular fit for the high density long range market, so that could play into the mix. The irony is that the 773 would compete more closely against the 748 than any Airbus craft other than the A346, which is NOT a likely choice IMO.

I’m done playing “ Industry Expert” for now. :wink: