identity problem

this poor little airplane can’t decide what it is.

3 flights, 3 types. Non of them agree with the registration.!! (one is close though)

John (bored) in Saudi

Wow, picked up an engine as well! :smiley: in it’s last flight.

Yeah, a turboprop at that. :smiley:
wait till the owner gets his next gas bill. can’t decide what to use for that last character. also likes trying out the options.

I can’t remember equipment suffixes either. :confused:

That’s called it’s going to be VFR at the destination and I have a hand held so I’ll file /G. if it’s IFR he files normal so he isn’t caught with his pants down. Been there done that

I meant the last letter of the aircraft type code, not the equipment suffix; used T, L, F, and 0 for various flights.

G2 8)

Outside of the Con-US, when filing G1159/M/SDHIRWXZ/S,… we forgive ya.

But back home, guessing between /g, /k, or /J… come on.

I have only done 3 domestic flights since 9/11 after all and we don’t normally file our flight plans, they come from Houston. One of those was a test flight, I dialed up the FSS number while searching for my flight plan form and cheat sheet. The cockpit goodies were still in boxes and we were coming up against a noise curfew. Of course this was the one day when the phone was picked up after 3 rings. I don’t feel so bad, the FSS specialist didn’t know what to put after the / either.
I do know the type…GLF2. Rumor from the office is that might still change. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m sure I’ll be the last to know.