Aircraft incorrectly identified

Here: … tes/page/1

Says B707-300, but it’s an Airbus 340, winglets and all.

Y’all ought to have some kind of button to click to offer corrections. Surely going through the forum is too labor-intensive, for you and us?

There’s a link to the poster of the picture. Contact him directly.

If you do contact him, give him a severe tongue lashing. To call the A340 a 707 is sacrilegious!

There’s waaaaayyyy too many photos in the Photo Section that are misidentified or described. Kinda pathetic when one can’t even put the correct info with their photos…what’s the point. :unamused:

@Damiross: I did try that, there’s no contact info in the page linked to:

Now, maybe I’m missing something b/c I’m using Firefox w/ NoScript, but I have “allow this entire page” and there is nothing that seems to indicate a way to contact the guy. Any help appreciated!

I’m not out to make everything on FlightAware accurate - I just saw something I could deal with and thought I’d take it up.

–The BeachComer

The poster is listed near the bottom of the page. There’s no direct way of contacting (my mistake - I thought there would be a way of contacting the poster directly from the pictures).

I used the name found there, went to the forum, went to my mail box, and sent a private message to the bobstalcup , the poster of the picture, informing him that the aircraft was incorrectly identified.

Well… it does have 4 engines! At least that part’s right. 8)

AW, you mean I have to use my brain???!! :unamused:

Duh! Time for me to go to the old folks home.

Uh, thanks for the tip! :blush: