New Boeing Planes

Did anyone see the new Boeing plane that has diagonal wings pointing downwards off of the plane just a little behind the cockpit area? I saw its development on TV

Military? Commercial? What show?

Canards? Is he talking about a drone? I think this guy is… nevermind.

I think this trjrfly is really the FlightAware staff messing with us!

Come on. think about it. Look at this: FlightAware begins with FLIGHT. The last par t of trjrfly is FLY. What is Flight? it is FLYing. And what is the last part of Flight? It’s “T”! And don’t get me started on “r” in FlightAware and the 2 R’s in trjrfly. This duplicated letter indicate that FlightAware is twice a good as other flight trackers.

The “J”? It was put in there to fool us but they didn’t fool me!!! No siree! I saw right through their devious plan to hook us all on FlightAware by using the trjrfly moniker!

I’m sure glad I have those voices in my head that tell me the truth!!!


Wow now maybe you can decode some treasure map- you know like National Treasure.
Should we just start calling you Nick Cage? :smiley:

Rockwell B-1, otherwise known as The Bone.

The bomber that thinks it’s a fighter. Can hold a lot of “cargo”, but its operating costs are bit expensive for commercial use, though…

Joe (why am I playing along?)

But that’s not a “new Boeing plane”.

He probably means the 757 used for F-22 develeopment: … 1115914/M/

FUUUUUUUGLY, but useful I guess.

Not really. I’ve seen it flying and it doesn’t look that bad.

Could be argued that the Catfish 752 isn’t very “new” either. Check its history. :slight_smile:

Sorry AZ, I read some of the original poster’s other notes on other threads and thought he might be confused. I’m very aware of who originally built the Bone.


Or the CATbird.

He said he saw it on a TV program, as in a repeat. AFAIK it hasn’t flown in years.