While watching the mayhem at KORD last night I noticed some weird planes. Put in the numbers and came up with nothing. I underlined them in red in the image below. Any ideas post!



TST probably stands for “test” data.


They make a near-perfect circle around ORD…


You were not suppose to see this. The MIB (Men in Black) will soon be at your doorstep, Boeing7475500, with their mind messer-upper to remove all memory of this.


As Will Smith calls it, “The Flashy Thingy.” I was wondering if aliens were planning to attack KORD.


Boeing, please tell me you didnt actually think those were real planes, scattered in a perfect radial pattern at each compass direction around the airport (North, North by Northeast, Northeast, East by Northeast, etc.), with almost perfect sequential numeric ID’s.


Im not that STUPID!


Well considering you said you “put the numbers in and came up with nothing” it sounded like you though TST1 was an airplane.

Prove it! :laughing:


Well there is really no way to prove it but to let you hack into the federal government’s files and find my grades if they are even in there.

I was saying that I checked a few and one was legit but the rest weren’t.


Interesting how ONE plane (TST16) is out of sequence… Who’s responsible for screwing up THAT test data, and how will that affect the results?

Notice the near mid-air of TST7… Hope there was some vertivcal separation there… Also notice in the upper right corner - but being at near opposite directions, I would fully expect vertical separation there.

Very interesting though - good observation Boeing!


The Federal goverment does not have your school grades.

They are at the UN.


Great next time the terrorists kill the observers they can give you my grades. :wink: