Utilization Numbers on Airport Info Pages?

First let me say that I like the new FA presentation of airport info.

I believe that the info provided comes from the FAA so this question doesn’t involve anything FA does but I’m not sure exactly where to post it. Anyhow, I’m wondering if anyone knows how the Utilization/Activity figures are arrived at. Some of the #s just seem wrong. For example here’s the page for KDMW:


This field is located in Westminster, MD. and according to the data they average 419(!) opperations /day. Who came up with this figure? That # says that there should be lots of activity…especially during daylight hours but I’ve visited a number of times weekdays and weekends and there never seems to be that much going on.

On the other hand there is the stats page for KMDT:


Their avg opps/day is 193. This atcually seems reasonable since MDT is a towered airport with a moderate amount of scheduled airline traffic, biz jet traffic and some GA.

What I would like to know is how can seemingly sleepy Westminster possibly have twice as many opps/day then a moderately busy commercial 'drome?

Anybody have any ideas?

(BTW, AirNav’s KDMW page shows the same numbers so, again, it’s got nothing to do with FA)

I believe that they count “operations” as flights, VFR or IFR, which arrive and/or depart from that airport. Thus if KDMW gets a lot of VFR traffic (in/out/circuit) which won’t show on the FA operations graph (which tracks only IFR and VFR flight following), that would explain why they get a larger operation count.