Source of Airport informaiton


I have searched. Perhaps I missed it. From what source does FlightAware get the airport information?
For example KDMW information shows 5 jet aircraft based there, I know of only ONE jet that regularly houses there.

Or are Turboprop aircraft counted as “jets”?


The FAA is the source.
If you want verification of that, check the DMW entry at airnav


Note on AirNav’s site shows when the data was accurate:

  • for 12-month period ending 02 May 2006

It’s pretty old data.


Unless you own the airport or are the primary FBO there’s no way for you to know how many aircraft of a particular type are “based” there other than the official published figures.


Read it again.

Aircraft operations: avg 421/day *
75% local general aviation
24% transient general aviation
<1% air taxi
<1% military

  • for 12-month period ending 02 May 2006

The asterisk refers to the aircraft operations, *not *the aircraft based at the field.


Are you making some sort of semantic distinction on the word “based”?

I live quite close to the aforesaid airport, I have seen all the corporate hangars open & over the course of three months I have only seen ONE Turbofan jet inside a hangar for more than 1 day. I assume, based upon common English language usage, that “based” would mean an aircraft would have to be there occasionally. Is that understanding of “based” incorrect?


Can’t dispute you there. Still, if the number of ops per day figure is that old, then I’d be willing to bet a substantial amount of money that the other data is similarly out of date.



An aircraft need not spend the majority (or indeed any) of its ground time at a specific airport for it to be “based” there.

It’s not unlike a ship that might never visit its registered homeport throughout its life.


Dami and Needle, you aren’t reading the right info.

The OP refers to the flightaware page that does in fact show number of based aircraft. Someone else posted the airnav link that shows operations.
At my old airport we would fill out a form every year that we listed the numbers of the aircraft on the field. I don’t know whether this was for the state, the FAA, or the AOPA directory, but similar forms must exist for these numbers to be compiled and published.
To answer the OP’s question, the info probably comes from the FAA in one way or another, and is probably the product of some sort of form that the airport ops/ FBOs fill out.


Thank you! That is really weird! I can see a ship being registered somewhere, like Liberia etc to avoid certain inspections, etc. But a plane?!
I know a lot, including several that regularly land at the local airport, are “registered” in Delaware. But what does “based” mean then? It doesn’t apparently mean “registered”.