Aircraft Base Locations


I was wondering if there is a way to see all of the aircraft that is based at a certain airport?
For example, I am curious to see who owns all of the aircraft based at Mansfield Lahm Airport. Airport info shows the total number of aircraft based there but no specific aircraft, unless you have the tail number.


In my quest to try and find the same information for KMBO I could not find an answer so I would be very interested if somebody knows access to such a database.

Only option we had was to walk the ramp, write down the tail numbers and get the owner information that way.

As I understand it, the data is reported by the airport manager for total number based at the airport but tail numbers are not provided in that report.


I guess another question would be if you wanted to know if individual “XWZ” had any aircraft registered in their name, if there was a database that you could search?


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It’s really fun because you can look at so many variables. You can do a make/model search and see all of that type listed by state, broken down by submodels. VERY effective at killing time


One thing to be wary of with regards to location as I ran into this problem.

The location is based on where the aircraft owner mailing address is registered, not home base airport of the aircraft.

Before selling the plane, I found myself under Brandon MS yet the airport is located in Madison MS where I was based.

So the website is not an accurate reflection of where the airplane is based.


It’s not perfect for a particular airport, but it shows those aircraft registered to a particular city. This also isn’t completely accurate because someone may have the a/c registered in another state, but it does give quite a bit of info. You may have to search nearby city names as well.
Landings multiple field search



Private message me, we have such a database available.


Yeah the one at landings is the best I’ve found for a location search. In addition to what Allen said about registered owners address are the planes that are financed (ie Wells Fargo - Salt Lake City, UT) or registered to a phony corporation in Oregon or Delaware. Another type of search you can do is on the FAA database by popular plane models such as Cessna 550, 560, 560XL, then narrow it down by state.

Here’s a third party search engine, FAA is probably more reliable:


Past history is that I always try to followup with my experiences so others can benefit accordingly.

Incredible information provided by cerberus but it did not fit my needs for the situation at KMBO.

What was provided to me based on my own impressions is geared toward the higher end business usage of an airplane

If you need information of that nature it would appear to me cerberus would be the go to person via PM as the information provided was incredibly detailed

Thanks Cerberus!