finding list of aircraft based at airport


Where can i find all planes based at an airport, ie if it says 57 planes based at xyz airport, I’d like to see who they are.



I don’t think it’s possible. Besides, the number of aircraft based at an airport is actually a meaningless number as it is only a guesstimate.

You can find out where the owners of the aircraft are by state-and-county by going to … nquiry.asp (use the drop-down box to locate the county). This will give you a clue to who might be based at a given airport.

A caveat: The FAA database for registered aircraft also shows revoked registrations. As an example, look up N11817. In case you aren’t up on airline history, Slick Airways has been out of business for decades.


The airport manager at each airport maintains a list of all aircraft based at their airport also the state keeps accurate records of each aircraft and its home base.

Now you have to figure out how to obtain the list from the airport manager and or the state


Really ? They record the home address of the owner for sure, don’t know about where the base is.

This (address) data is available here: you have to navigate around a bit and no guarantee it’s up-to-date (I know of a couple of obsolete entries in there :wink: ).




I agree with Dave. There’s no real way to know, but whoever rents the hangars and tie downs would be the best person to ask, but even then, just cause a guy rents a hangar, doesn’t mean he keeps his plane there.


Please don’t generalize… What you say above is YOUR opinion and not necessarily based on fact. Add that caveat and I am a happy camper.



Not an opinion. You can base your aircraft at an airport and hardly ever - or never - fly out of that airport.


You may want to re-read your statement. What you provided is meaningless. Show me your source it’s a guestimate. You probably can’t.

And what’s it to say that some airport managers do not make guestimates but keep good records for record keeping and accountability for insurance purposes.

You just broadbrushed the entire industry with your last part of your statement, which is an opinion of yours, not a fact and shouldn’t be presented as fact unless you have something to back it up.



When I was an airport manager, this is information that I would not give out; not to the general public. There was no reason for them to know. Maybe they were part of a group looking to shut the airport down, maybe just some curious neighbors, maybe nothing; but either way not their business. The state (NY) did call every year requesting the number and type of aircraft based there, as well as traffic count.

I wonder if, in this day in age this might appear to be suspicious activity?


You’d like to see who they are…for what purpose?

Sounds like another privacy issue brewing… :unamused:


Remember…Big Brother is watching you…