Best way to get aircraft information please

I’d appreciate anyone sharing with me the best way to get information on aircraft on FlightAware, or if not on another source you know to be good. I see plenty of ways for airport and flight information, but have not been able to come up on aircraft information so well. Thanks, have a good day and God bless.

Are we talking performance specs?

If you are looking for the basics on that, has a list of most planes on an excel spreadsheet by manufacturer. I used that for what I thought would have been my flight from Tulsa to Raton, NM.

Thanks so much. I think I need some help here, like a flight is listed as BTA 3034 E45X, then the altitude and speed in knots underneath, but is there a way in FlightAware that I can see what that plane is? Just a picture and/or some specs also. Not in great detail, just kinda what it is. Thanks so much for your prompt help.

The E45X tells you it is an Embraer . If not, then the page with the history on it should tell you.

Could you share that page or link with me please? Thanks.

The flight page tells you it’s an Embraer EMB-145XR, and from there Google can show you pictures and specs.

There’s also the infamous (infamous here, anyway) They have over a million pictures and an a/c data section that gives you specs on lengths, capacity, range, etc.

OK…now you are just getting lazy.

FA (that would be short for FlightAware), like many things, must be played with for awhile to understand how to properly use it.

Thanks for your help. I didn’t mean to bother anybody and sorry if I did. I accept I was trying to get help, like I thought it would be nice if a click on an airplane would bring it up, but lazy, no sir, sorry, I’m not that at all, which of course you can’t know. Thanks anyway, have a good day and God bless.

Rule number one of this board…roll with what is said, don’t take it personally. A sense of humor is a REQUIREMENT to be able to survive around here.

Don’t worry, you weren’t bothering anyone. You can click on and aircraft and it does tell you what type it is. In fact you may have just come up with a good feature idea. FA just hasn’t gotten around to putting pictures of them on here. I would assume that they may or may not depending on how much space the pictures would take up.

OK pika1000, so much for the initiation, “Rule number one” and whatever the other rules of the board are, taking anything personally etc. If there’s a rule number x against defending one’s self, then I reckon I broke that one too. Maybe I’d rather call it “enlightenment” than defense. Let’s seethat’s rule number, number, hmmI, I dunno.

Believe me, I had searched high and low in FlightAware to try and find my answer about aircraft and their types, FAQ, discussions and all, and couldn’t, before I posted about it on this board, so I tried, give me an attaboy for that. I figured it surely must be there some place but I just couldn’t find it, thus my entrance here.

I am a newbie as you of course know, or whatever the rules say call them on this board, and I can certainly take my licks and hold my own from you and the others as well, but as ole Justin Wilson of Louisiana used to say, I can “garowntee” you I’m no newbie in the flying world having started back in the mid 1900s. Of course, though I can take 'em, the licks admittedly ain’t really what I came for, I really just wanted to know some stuff. Seeking, if you will. And I believe y’all know some stuff else I wouldn’t have raised my hand.

All that stuff aside now I’d like to ask you how’s best to suggest the feature to FlightAware that when an aircraft type is clicked on you could see something about the airplane itself, rather than just the ones airborne at the time? If you da one, then I’m asking you. Now, you mention pictures taking room which they of course do, but even if it brought up something without a picture would be better than it’s doing now. All I see it’s doing now is bring up those in the air when clicked as it is. But it seems surely they could handle at least a small picture also, good Lord, what they’re already doing with this is a masterpiece to me.

Now don’t let me catch you taking this personally Big Man! Hang in there, or “roll” as you say. You wid me? Then, 10-4. Now you have a good one, as will I. And I thank you for your time. (Is that better? Or worse?) :slight_smile:

Have a good day and God bless.

That sounds like something that would be right at home in the aptly named
“Feature Requests and Ideas”
Yes, it is a good idea. But for now it is not available, you have to look elsewhere to get any more info about any particular airplane. (I also use the A/C info page when looking for more information.)

cfijames I sure thank you. Thanks for jogging me toward the place to put it I’d actually seen, just didn’t think of it.

I thank you for the link you use also. You’re a good man. Thank God for the teachers!

Have a good day and God bless.

Welcome to the Forum!

As a similarly aged mid-1900s ex-pilot, I would suggest that the first thing you should do upon visiting a site such as this is read the FAQ.

Then read some of the threads to get the lay of the land.

Entering an aircraft’s N number in the Flight Tracker toolbar will bring up that specific aircraft’s history and aircraft type. It need not be airborne in order to see this information.



I like this guy!!!

I guess I should have put quotations around “rule number one.”

I have a feeling we got our wires crossed though. When you asked for the link to the history page, I thought you were asking for a link to one of the FA flight history pages, hense the “lazy” joke.

Everything you are looking for are great ideas for the future of FA. Just follow cfijames (a fellow smart a$$) link to the Feature Request & Idea page and plop it in. mduell or dbaker will chime in and, as per the ritual, give you the standard “it’s in the works” answer, which it probably is.

Yuus a guud main missah pika1000! I thank you, and happy fourth to ya also. God bless.

“I’m no newbie in the flying world having started back in the mid 1900s.”

“As a similarly aged mid-1900s ex-pilot”

I think it’s wonderful that we have two so experienced gentlemen pilots in our midsts. Some day I might try to prevail upon them to spin some tales of their friends Orville and Wilbur.

I can imagine they must have been flying in the mid-1910s, perhaps having taken a shot against the Red Baron. Twas indeed a wonderful decade to have flown in.

[Lest anyone take offense, I’m not trying to zing our two excellent posters. I just have a different time orientation and I was taken aback by the reference to a century, rather than a decade. Are we already in the mid-2000s or do we need to wait another 45-50 years to say that?]

tobyz1, I’d say maybe wait a few years before calling it mid 2000s since we’re only six into that.

Funny you should mention, I always enjoy talking about the Wright boyshmm, I remember, let me see, I remember talking with Wilbur one day soon before their first flight, it was interesting how different he was from Orville though they were on the same mission and worked closely together. I remember him telling me

Ah, 'tis a long story indeed, it’ll wait. Really too much to write here.

Take care. Oh, and I Do try to be a gentleman also!